FreeBSD Crashes with AMD

Scott W wegster at
Wed Jan 7 19:20:05 PST 2004

Daniel O'Connor wrote:

>On Thursday 08 January 2004 10:50, Scott W wrote:
>>>It certainly irritates the crap out of me that you can't seem to buy an
>>>ECC board that will fit a modern Athlon in it :(
>>I'm pretty sure the current line from Tyan does.  I've got an S2466
>>which isn't the most current (266 MHz FSB, although the FSB ratings are
>>truly misleading IMHO) which supports up to Athlon MP 2800+ CPUs SMP, or
>>single Athlon XPs, with a gig of ECC RAM in it as we speak.  I haven't
>>been completely thrilled with Tyan, primarily due to their pretty
>>limited BIOS and seeming incinations to not release many updates for
>>their boards, but it works well enough....I'm sure the 'replacement' to
>>the 2466 will continue to handle ECC any any decent server board will
>>(even if for some reason the 2466 doesn't have onboard SCSI :-( )
>I don't WANT onboard SCSI so that suits me :)
>WD1200JB drives are more than sufficient for my needs, about the only time we 
>need SCSI is when we have to ship a tape drive, and it shits me to pay 
>through to nose just to talk to a tape drive at 6Mb/sec :(
>Are you sure the board supports it? I mean I have non-ECC checking 
>motherboards with ECC RAM in them, and they work fine, but it isn't that 
>useful :)
You should be able to find the spec sheets at least in PDF format on 
Tyans site, but from a 'summary PDF' I have locally on the 2466 (again, 
not the most recent but fairly close at ~1.5yrs old):

4 184 pin 2.5v DDR DIMM sockets
Supports up to 4GB of Registered PC2100 DDR Memory
Supports ECC (72 bit) memory modules

I don't recall offhand if their BIOS currently posts ECC vs non ECC as 
part of their POST or not, but the presumed support is in there, or 
their docs and specs are completely wrong ;-)


PS- heh, I actually do try to use scsi for disks when possible....for 
that (any actually) tape drive, isn't that what $20 Adaptec 2940s are 
for? ;-)

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