FreeBSD Crashes with AMD

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Wed Jan 7 16:28:44 PST 2004

On Thursday 08 January 2004 10:50, Scott W wrote:
> >It certainly irritates the crap out of me that you can't seem to buy an
> > ECC board that will fit a modern Athlon in it :(
> I'm pretty sure the current line from Tyan does.  I've got an S2466
> which isn't the most current (266 MHz FSB, although the FSB ratings are
> truly misleading IMHO) which supports up to Athlon MP 2800+ CPUs SMP, or
> single Athlon XPs, with a gig of ECC RAM in it as we speak.  I haven't
> been completely thrilled with Tyan, primarily due to their pretty
> limited BIOS and seeming incinations to not release many updates for
> their boards, but it works well enough....I'm sure the 'replacement' to
> the 2466 will continue to handle ECC any any decent server board will
> (even if for some reason the 2466 doesn't have onboard SCSI :-( )

I don't WANT onboard SCSI so that suits me :)

WD1200JB drives are more than sufficient for my needs, about the only time we 
need SCSI is when we have to ship a tape drive, and it shits me to pay 
through to nose just to talk to a tape drive at 6Mb/sec :(

Are you sure the board supports it? I mean I have non-ECC checking 
motherboards with ECC RAM in them, and they work fine, but it isn't that 
useful :)

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