ACPI and Gateway 400sd4 laptop

Alexandre Sunny Kovalenko Alex.Kovalenko at
Sun Jan 4 12:02:26 PST 2004

I had similar problem with my machine recently (it is Averatec 4150H) and
after walking through the ASL, discovered that _TMP method in thermal zone
object always returns same value which was stored away during ACPI initialization.

I would suggest you check if 'sysctl hw.acpi.thermal.tzX.temperature' returns
something reasonable (or at least changes with machine warming up perceptibly)
and if it does not investigate conditional statement you have in _TMP method 
of the thermal zone object -- at first look it seams to return stored value
at least along one of the branches.

Please, keep in mind that I by no means claim good knowledge of ACPI and/or ASL
and just share suggestion that worked for me.

On Sun, 4 Jan 2004 01:49:28 -0800
"Sean Lazar" <slazar at> wrote:

> I have a Gateway 400SD4 laptop that I am having thermal issues with in
> FreeBSD-CURRENT. The two-speed fan dosen't seem to come on. With ACPI on,
> after the system has been running a little while and has warmed up, if I
> turn off acpi with "acpiconf -d" the fan will kick on immediately. After
> that the fan appears to behave normally, turning on and off when necessary.
> If the laptop boots warm with the fan on, it will shut off when it gets cool
> but it won't come back on again.
> There is a second fan on this model that seems to work fine, but it dosen't
> do enough to cool down the system. My original asl file can be found here:
> I tried editing it
> and removing the OS-dependent areas and if statements in the TZ section and
> using a custom dsdt file with acpi_dsdt_load="YES" and
> acpi_dsdt_name="/boot/DSDT.asl" in my /boot/loader.conf. I also tried
> hw.acpi.os_name="Microsoft Windows NT" in /boot/loader.conf and other OS
> names as well. I also tried debug.acpi.disable="thermal".
> What else can I try? Any ACPI patches out there? Or perhaps I can
> sucessfully edit this file with some hints :) I've read the Intel ACPI spec
> and I am starting to understand the format...
> My boot messages can be found here:
> Yes it is from 5.2-RC2
> but I get the same messages in -CURRENT
> Cheers,
> Sean
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Alexandre "Sunny" Kovalenko.

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