ACPI and Gateway 400sd4 laptop

Sean Lazar slazar at
Sun Jan 4 01:49:20 PST 2004

I have a Gateway 400SD4 laptop that I am having thermal issues with in
FreeBSD-CURRENT. The two-speed fan dosen't seem to come on. With ACPI on,
after the system has been running a little while and has warmed up, if I
turn off acpi with "acpiconf -d" the fan will kick on immediately. After
that the fan appears to behave normally, turning on and off when necessary.
If the laptop boots warm with the fan on, it will shut off when it gets cool
but it won't come back on again.

There is a second fan on this model that seems to work fine, but it dosen't
do enough to cool down the system. My original asl file can be found here: I tried editing it
and removing the OS-dependent areas and if statements in the TZ section and
using a custom dsdt file with acpi_dsdt_load="YES" and
acpi_dsdt_name="/boot/DSDT.asl" in my /boot/loader.conf. I also tried
hw.acpi.os_name="Microsoft Windows NT" in /boot/loader.conf and other OS
names as well. I also tried debug.acpi.disable="thermal".

What else can I try? Any ACPI patches out there? Or perhaps I can
sucessfully edit this file with some hints :) I've read the Intel ACPI spec
and I am starting to understand the format...

My boot messages can be found here: Yes it is from 5.2-RC2
but I get the same messages in -CURRENT


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