Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at remove-NOSPAM-to-reply.NOSPAM.dyndns.dk
Wed Aug 11 04:52:21 PDT 2004

>   OTOH, if you want some knob for
> /etc/make.conf to control what MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX will be set
> to during buildworld and related targets, this should be
> possible easily, though I personally don't see much point
> in yet another variable.

I believe this would make you (or whoever comes up with it)
immensely popular, judging from the responses over the past

The advantage is that things would still ``work'' if one
were to forget the commandline -- `make buildworld' would
just do what the user wants.  Like if I mis-type `make
-DNOKERNEL_CLEAN buildkernel' on a slow machine.  And then
pull my hair when it takes hours to get to the point where
I was.  How many times have I typed `env MAKROBJDIRPREFIX=foo'
in the dark and cursed myself when I realized what's wrong.

> > > DISTDIR is only used by "make distribute", and the latter

> > Ah, that I had been using `make distribute' or similar in
> > order to populate DESTDIR/etc after a `make installworld',
> > which is probably not what I should have been doing.  (After

> The correct spelling would be "make distrib-dirs && make
> distribution" while in /usr/src/etc, but it does not use
> DISTDIR either.  "make distibute" while in /usr/src/etc
> uses DISTDIR, but it should not be called by the end user,

This is what I noticed, not knowing which was right, when I
was testing to see what worked.  Anyway, then I did the
`make distribution' with success -- I believe the `distrib-dirs'
step was part of the `installworld'.  If not, I'll be doing it
all again next buildworld, just for practice...

First I tried the `SUBDIR_OVERRIDE' or whatever you mentioned
earlier as part of `build everything' for a failed build in
the top-level src directory.  Like I say, I didn't know what
to do so I was trying out different things in hope of getting
something right, particularly as not everything works in the
subdirectories as in the top-level directory.

Thanks for the clarification, and straightening everything up.

barry bouwsma

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