World broken in stage 1.1

M. Warner Losh imp at
Wed Aug 11 23:30:05 PDT 2004

In message: <200408110916.i7B9GTj43770 at Mail.NOSPAM.DynDNS.dK>
            Barry Bouwsma <freebsd-misuser at> writes:
: Which brings up something else -- has there been any
: resolution of the conflict between `DISTDIR' as used by
: ports, and `DISTDIR' as used by the `distribute' targets?
: I have the former set in my make.conf, which resulted in
: some odd paths, no matter how I specified `DESTDIR=' and
: `DISTDIR=' as both environment and `make' options when in
: the top-level src directory, but resolved itself only when
: given as an option within the `etc' subdirectory.

No.  At work we do unnatural things to make ports honor DESTDIR in the
way that we think it should work (build in a chroot, install into a
chroot, make the package, and then chroot to DESTDIR and install there


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