libmp and libcrypto

Dima Dorfman dd at
Sun Apr 11 06:58:57 PDT 2004

Kaarthik Sivakumar <kaarthik at> wrote:
> MM> Confirmed. Our libmp is a wrapper round the BIGNUM functions in
> MM> libcrypto.
> I read the man page for libmp (right after sending this mail) and it
> says that we should move to using BIGNUM in libcrypto directly. Is
> there a document of some sort that shows how to move things over? At
> this time, it looks like FreeBSD is the only OS that recommends using
> something other than (g)mp for BIGNUM support.

I don't think anyone still recommends using the antiquated (and
largely broken) Berkeley mp(3) interface; it's only provided for
compatibiltiy with applications that haven't been ported to use
something more modern. libgmp and the OpenSSL BIGNUM interface are
more modern, and either one is fine. If you have an application that
wants gmp, just install the libgmp4 port.


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