libmp and libcrypto

Kaarthik Sivakumar kaarthik at
Sun Apr 11 08:13:43 PDT 2004

>>> "DD" == Dima Dorfman <dd at> writes:
DD> I don't think anyone still recommends using the antiquated (and
DD> largely broken) Berkeley mp(3) interface; it's only provided for
DD> compatibiltiy with applications that haven't been ported to use
DD> something more modern. libgmp and the OpenSSL BIGNUM interface are
DD> more modern, and either one is fine. If you have an application
DD> that wants gmp, just install the libgmp4 port.

Yeah, I think I will be using libgmp from the ports to get this
application to work. Is there a doc somewhere on the OpenSSL BIGNUM

Thanks for the response..


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