libmp and libcrypto

Kaarthik Sivakumar kaarthik at
Thu Apr 8 05:50:25 PDT 2004

>>> "MM" == Mark Murray <mark at> writes:
MM> Kaarthik Sivakumar writes:


MM> Confirmed. Our libmp is a wrapper round the BIGNUM functions in
MM> libcrypto.

I read the man page for libmp (right after sending this mail) and it
says that we should move to using BIGNUM in libcrypto directly. Is
there a document of some sort that shows how to move things over? At
this time, it looks like FreeBSD is the only OS that recommends using
something other than (g)mp for BIGNUM support.


MM> The mp.h header documents an ancient and sacred interface to the
MM> Berkeley BIGNUM library. It ain't changing in a hurry. :-)

I get the feeling that a lot of interfaces are ancient and sacred in
FreeBSD (and other BSDs).


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