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On Monday 05 April 2004 12:40 am, Mark Johnston wrote:
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> ============
> New features
> ============
> Ezm3 imported into base system
> ------------------------------
> Maxime Henrion (mux) imported John Polstra (jdp)'s Ezm3_ Modula-3 compiler
> into the base system.  Ezm3 is a stripped-down version of Modula-3,
> containing only the code necessary to compile and run CVSup_.  This will
> make it easier for people to build CVSup from source when needed.
> . _Ezm3:
> . _CVSup:

This was an April Fool's joke. :)

> PS2 vs. USB keyboards at boot time
> ----------------------------------
> Alfred Perlstein (alfred) committed a change to the GENERIC kernel
> configuration file so that PS2 keyboards can be plugged in and work after
> bootup.  However, this same change means that USB keyboards will not be
> found by default.  Peter Wemm (peter) replied and pointed out that the
> change breaks USB keyboards; Alfred responded that turning on a flag would
> make them work again.  John Baldwin also replied, asking Alfred to revert
> the change, since it had not been adequately reviewed.  Alfred argued that
> the change had been discussed a long time ago, and that the consensus was
> that PS2 keyboard hot swapping was more important.  Scott Long (scottl)
> asked Alfred to revert the change in -STABLE since the 4.10 release is
> coming soon, which he did.

This is somewhat misleading in that the consensus was _not_ that PS2 keyboard 
hot swapping was more important than USB keyboard support, neither in the 
past nor now.

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