cvs-src summary for 04/04/2004

Roman Kurakin rik at
Mon Apr 5 11:10:48 PDT 2004

Mark Johnston wrote:

>New driver for Cronyx-Sigma WAN adapters MFC'ed
>Roman Kurakin (rik) merged to -STABLE the new driver for Cronyx-Sigma WAN
>adapters, used for T1/E1, T3/T3, and similar WAN interface cards.  The old
A few comments.

Sigma's controller is to weak for even T1 speed. Sigma is a low speed 
adapter up to 384kbps.
Next driver that probably would be MFC'ed would be ctau (Cronyx-Tau), 
which supports
among others E1 interface. And after that I plan to commit third driver 
for Cronyx Tau-PCI.
These adapters available not only with E1 interfaces, but also with 
T3/E3/STS-1 (and
other). Those adapters have their own drivers. Those drivers are not 
compatible with other
devices, because of additional hardware logic.

PS. Thanks for summaries. I hope my commet will make them more accurate.
Thanks for you work!


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