Recent -current hangs on Tyan S2460 before finishing boot

Benjamin Lewis bhlewis at
Thu Nov 13 13:31:56 PST 2003

On November 13 2003, John Baldwin wrote:

> >> On 13-Nov-2003 Benjamin Lewis wrote:
> > [trouble booting -current on Tyan Tiger MP]

> >> Can you do a 'show intrcnt' from the ddb prompt?  It sounds like you
> >> may be getting an interrupt storm due to a mis-routed PCI interrupt.

> > db> show intrcnt
> > irq0: clk               1

> You aren't getting any clock interrupts it seems.  Very weird.  Can
> you try using NO_MIXED_MODE instead?  I still think the ata1 is bogus,
> but I don't think that is causing your hang now.

NO_MIXED_MODE did the trick -- an otherwise identical kernel to the one
that was hanging now boots to multiuser successfully.

Thank you so much for your help!


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