ULE and very bad responsiveness

Harald Schmalzbauer h at schmalzbauer.de
Wed Nov 12 22:17:35 PST 2003


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Kris Kennaway wrote:

> On 2003-11-13, Harald Schmalzbauer <news at schmalzbauer.de> wrote:
>> Well, I don't have any measurements but in my case it's not neccessary at
>> all. I built a UP kernel with ULE like Kris advised me.
> Are you running an up-to-date 5.1-CURRENT?  ULE was broken with these
> characteristics until very recently.  If you're up-to-date and still
> see these problems, you need to post to the current mailing list.
> Kris

Yes, I am running current as of 13. Nov.

Find attached my first problem description.


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