New interrupt code slows hyperthreading down

Jens Rehsack rehsack at
Sun Nov 9 17:06:44 PST 2003

John Baldwin wrote:
> On 07-Nov-2003 Jens Rehsack wrote:
>>John Baldwin wrote:
>>>Thanks, IRQ 16 was programmed as level, activelo, so it wasn't an
>>>off by one error there.  Grr.
>>I've seen, but I didn't found a bios option to set it to edge.
>>Is there anything I can do on my machine to fix the problem, or
>>should Asus be notified for a bios update or ...?
> No, level is correct.  The APIC code doesn't mask edge triggered
> interrupts, and if it thought IRQ 16 was edge rather than level,
> that could explain the high interrupt rate.  Since that isn't the
> case I'm not sure why it's triggering so many interrupts.

Ok, but what I can do now to get my machine running with HTT again?
It's out main development machine and with the single-processor
config it runs mostly with a very high load. Is there any chance
to get it running just before the new interrupt code. Could it be


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