since 2 days apm / ACPI doesn't work and boot instabilities

Andreas Klemm andreas at
Fri Nov 7 08:07:48 PST 2003


wanted to let you know, that since yesterday ACPI on my
Dell Latitude D600 doesn't work anymore.

Does anybody have an idea what this breakage might have caused ?

About a week ago I got apm/acpi working with an unoff patch from this URL.

I didn't changed anything in:
	and nothing in the kernel config file.

I only did a "make world" as well as a new kernel and rebooted.

Another thing is, that sometimes I can only boot 1 of 3 times
without a kernel panic. This morning 2 or 3 consecutive panics,
prior being able to boot my laptop.

The problem with apm/acpi is since my last make world yesterday.

The boot problems with many panics are longer ...

But its always the same process, where it panics...

In my next mail I'll attach a boot log.

I could offer ssh access, if somebody would be willed trying to
troubleshoot one or both of these problems.

A comconsole would also be possible.

BTW, -current on my Server is stable. Its only the laptop,
where those panics happen.

	Andreas ///

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