NVidia driver stability?

Munish Chopra mchopra at engmail.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Jul 13 01:52:35 PDT 2003

On 2003-07-13 01:47 +0000, Evan Dower wrote:
> That may have done it. Now that I recompiled nvidia-driver only 
> WITH_NVIDIA_HACKS, doing glxinfo several times no longer wreaks havoc. 
> Since something seems to be screwy with my network driver (rtl8139) when 
> the kernel is compiled without optimizations, I recompiled with them and so 
> far all is well. At the moment, I have my AGP rate knocked down from 4x to 
> 2x in BIOS. If all continues to go well, I'll bump it back up and report 
> what I find.
> E

Bill Paul recently checked in some changes to the rtl8139 code, you
might want to check the CVS logs for that.

Bumping up the AGP rate should be safe in 99% of cases.

Good luck.

Munish Chopra

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