5.1 RELEASE bugs?

Christer Gundersen chgu at carebears.mine.nu
Sun Jul 13 03:06:31 PDT 2003


I was installing 5.1 yesterday, i and think i discoverd some small bugs.

COPTFLAGS is not respected when buling modules, just the kernel. when
builings modules it seems to like CFLAGS better.

With 'CPUTYPE=p4' and '-march=pentium4' in make.conf, when compiling
something it seems to use 'cc -march=pentium3 -march=pentium4 <blahblah>
the word 'pentium3' dont exist in make.conf.

(yes, the machine is a Pentium4)

Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards
Christer Gundersen / dizzy tun3Z
http://dtz.cjb.net - http://carebears.mine.nu

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