NVidia driver stability?

Evan Dower evantd at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 13 01:47:50 PDT 2003

That may have done it. Now that I recompiled nvidia-driver only 
WITH_NVIDIA_HACKS, doing glxinfo several times no longer wreaks havoc. Since 
something seems to be screwy with my network driver (rtl8139) when the 
kernel is compiled without optimizations, I recompiled with them and so far 
all is well. At the moment, I have my AGP rate knocked down from 4x to 2x in 
BIOS. If all continues to go well, I'll bump it back up and report what I 

>From: Munish Chopra <mchopra at engmail.uwaterloo.ca>
>On 2003-07-12 14:46 +0000, Evan Dower wrote:
> > After following all the instructions at
> > http://www.soulwax.net/nvidia/faq.shtml _very_ carefully and compiling
> > nvidia-driver WITH_FREEBSD_AGP, WITH_NVIDIA_HACKS, and with 
> > my system was dramatically slower and substantially _less_ stable. (I 
> > to switch to another computer to write this email). Interestingly, 
> > I compile the kernel without optimizations, network activity becomes 
> > slow.
> > E
> > aka Evan Dower
> > Undergraduate, Computer Science
> > University of Washington
> >
>Did you try using the NVIDIA AGP interface?
>The majority of mail I get indicates that the NVIDIA AGP stuff works
>better than the FreeBSD one.
>I'm not sure about your network problems, perhaps you should look at the
>driver for clues.
>Munish Chopra
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