mail cluster with rsync

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Wed Aug 17 14:02:51 GMT 2005

Marko Lerota wrote:

>What do you think about rsync. Is it fast enough for 
>2000 mail users? I want to do this few times a day: 
>***********     rsync /mail partition     ************
>*   MX1   * ----------------------------- *   MX2    *
>***********                               ************
>The MTA is qmail with Maildir format, but have also spamassasin and
>clamav with qscan, so antivir will chew up some CPU. I dont have 
>external storage.

It should be good enough for 2000 mail users (I can sync a machine with
about 700000 messages on it in less than an hour over 100mbit, it'd be
much faster even if there were SCSI disks in them). It kinda depends
MOSTLY many mails the hoard in their maildirs and how many new ones you get.

By any means, rsync will put barely noticeable load on your system
compared to spamassassin and clamav.

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