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Bejoy Abraham Mathews bejoy.mathews at ustri.com
Wed Aug 17 15:02:48 GMT 2005

Hi all

I am struggling to run Dansguardian software on a cluster. Could you help
me ifind out the best way to do so. MPICH is completely setup and runs
perfect for C based applications like PI calculation etc. The basic
problem that I face with MPICH is that it requires all the clients to run
Dansguardian. It itself uses CPU heavily when requests come in from many
clients when they access the proxy. Then when one is running the process
seperately on all the nodes it is difficult. This is one problem. The
second is that, when I start it on the server instead of running on all
the nodes, it only runs on only one first free node it comes
across(normally the first in list)and doesn't run on any either at that
time or in future. There is NIL load balancing over the network.

What I need is one Dansguardian software running on one machine and that
load being shared by other nodes in the network. Something like an SSI
cluster. But this is easily done in Linux. But the production machine is
live and active on FreeBSD and it does many other services as well. If
this Dansguardian could be set apart through clustering for the FreeBSD it
would be really a gr8 help.

Could anyone help me out with this? :-(

Thank you in advance...
With Regards

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