mail cluster with rsync

Marko Lerota mlerota at
Wed Aug 17 13:58:11 GMT 2005

What do you think about rsync. Is it fast enough for 
2000 mail users? I want to do this few times a day: 

***********     rsync /mail partition     ************
*   MX1   * ----------------------------- *   MX2    *
***********                               ************

The MTA is qmail with Maildir format, but have also spamassasin and
clamav with qscan, so antivir will chew up some CPU. I dont have 
external storage.

First one (MX1) is ment to be LDA and POP3 toaster. The second (MX2)
only SMTP for local networks, but if MX1 stops MX2 have to take 
the control. The hardware will be with 2xCPU new Xeon processors.

One cannot sell the earth upon which the people walk
                               			Tacunka Witco 

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