Thanks for the help

Nick I clusterbuilder at
Mon Aug 15 20:47:02 GMT 2005


Thanks you everyone for submitting links about HPC related projects
and sites to Cluster Builder ( Upon
suggestions sent by the HPC community, I added sections for Grid
middleware, end-user applications under the "Software" category and
cleaned up some sections.

I want to continue making Cluster Builder a helpful research tool for
HPC related information. So I'd like to know, based upon your
experience, if there are any other important components you run on
your cluster that I failed to note, or are there changes you would
make in how I listed the applications.

Please go ahead and respond to this email in the user list so that
others can give their opinions as well. Links that you mention in the
user list I will be sure to include on Cluster Builder.

Thanks for the help,

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