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Wed Sep 29 15:19:07 PDT 2004


Have a look at freevrrpd
( it a nice
tool for sharing one IP address between two machines.

So for instance machine A has IP and machine B has IP If you
run vrrpd on them both, you can give machine A the additional IP address, machine B will then constantly check that machine A is running. In
case it's not, machine B will assume the IP address vrrpd also
provide hooks for launching various scripts when a switch happen so you can
start up say a postfix instance on machine B to take over the job of machine A.

(I'm sure the documentation explains it better than me).

Hope you make it work.



Quoting xyberpix <xyberpix at>:

> Hi Dustin,
> Ok, so things are sounding positive already, this is great news!
> As for using a load balancer, not an option, this is for home use, not
> work, so the finances are a bit low. :(
> As for the using MX records, I could do that, but the only problem is
> that I only have 1 external IP addy, so unless someone is willing to
> donate a spare one, and set up routing for me for nothing, which I can't
> really see happening, this isn't really an option right now. I have
> looked into getting more IP addy's from my ISP, but all the effort is
> not really worth it at this point, and neither is the price.
> You mentioned various tools available for FreeBSD for IP failover, can
> you maybe please let me have some names, as this may be a good option
> for me.
> As for if a server fails over, it would be nice to have access to the
> primary servers files, but this isn't really a necessity, as I am sure I
> can accomplish this with nightly backups, and then a script to copy
> things over to the secondary server, what do you think?
> Thanks again
> xyberpix
> On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 23:00, Dustin Puryear wrote:
> > Hi. This is definitely doable. Some options:
> >
> > 1. Use a front-end load-balancer. This makes your life very easy.
> > 2. Use MX records.
> > 3. Use various tools available for FreeBSD for IP fail-over.
> >
> > One of your biggest concerns is going to be storage. If a server fails-over
> > do you need to worry about the secondary server having access to the
> > primary's files? You didn't provide quite enough detail for me to tell.
> >
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