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I would use rsync to mirror 
By the way are you using imap style dirs with postfix, 

As for the failover that tool mentioned below works great

Assign diff ips to the two servers, and on the router (there is one I
assume) forward port 25 and 110 to the failover ip 

Steve Rieger 
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Have a look at freevrrpd
( it a nice
tool for sharing one IP address between two machines.

So for instance machine A has IP and machine B has IP If
you run vrrpd on them both, you can give machine A the additional IP address, machine B will then constantly check that machine A is running. In
case it's not, machine B will assume the IP address vrrpd also
provide hooks for launching various scripts when a switch happen so you can
start up say a postfix instance on machine B to take over the job of machine

(I'm sure the documentation explains it better than me).

Hope you make it work.



Quoting xyberpix <xyberpix at>:

> Hi Dustin,
> Ok, so things are sounding positive already, this is great news!
> As for using a load balancer, not an option, this is for home use, not 
> work, so the finances are a bit low. :( As for the using MX records, I 
> could do that, but the only problem is that I only have 1 external IP 
> addy, so unless someone is willing to donate a spare one, and set up 
> routing for me for nothing, which I can't really see happening, this 
> isn't really an option right now. I have looked into getting more IP 
> addy's from my ISP, but all the effort is not really worth it at this 
> point, and neither is the price.
> You mentioned various tools available for FreeBSD for IP failover, can 
> you maybe please let me have some names, as this may be a good option 
> for me.
> As for if a server fails over, it would be nice to have access to the 
> primary servers files, but this isn't really a necessity, as I am sure 
> I can accomplish this with nightly backups, and then a script to copy 
> things over to the secondary server, what do you think?
> Thanks again
> xyberpix
> On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 23:00, Dustin Puryear wrote:
> > Hi. This is definitely doable. Some options:
> >
> > 1. Use a front-end load-balancer. This makes your life very easy.
> > 2. Use MX records.
> > 3. Use various tools available for FreeBSD for IP fail-over.
> >
> > One of your biggest concerns is going to be storage. If a server 
> > fails-over do you need to worry about the secondary server having 
> > access to the primary's files? You didn't provide quite enough detail
for me to tell.
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