Clustering with FreeBSD

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Tue Feb 10 10:20:03 PST 2004

Hello Brett,

Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 5:37:12 PM, you wrote:

> Check it out:


> "[22:21:16] <Questions> Floid asks: As an armchair usability nut, it's
> easy for me to see how increased modularity and decreased maintenance
> headaches should free users and developers to Get Real Work Done. 
> However, not everyone "gets it," to the point of blank stares and "That's
> not a usability project."  Mind taking a stab at why Slashdotters should
> (or shouldn't) think about DragonFly on the desktop in the next five
> years?
> [22:23:49] <dillon_> People migrate to operating systems for a vast array
> of reasons.  I expect that our feature set will be the primary attractor.
>  For example, the variant symlinks that will be going in in the next few
> weeks.  There is also a lot of interest in a kernel-supported
> checkmark/restore function for general userland programs and some
> preliminary work on that has already done.  My goal is to eventually have
> an SSI model that works across a network and a c
> [22:23:49] <dillon_> luster capability that can arbitrarily migrate
> processes between hosts (SSI == single system image, which means full
> cache coherency across a cluster).
> [22:24:12] <dillon_> It will depend heavily on what we are able to
> accomplish in the next year.
> "

Very cool, but too bad their kernel is based on the 4.X codebase,
so none of the neat stuff like ACLs, MAC, KSE and ULE is in there. Well
if we're lucky, FreeBSD will incorporate some of their stuff.

Reminds me very much of MOSIX which I've always found to be cool stuff
but regrettably there's no FreeBSD version of it (and I surely can't
be bothered to use Linux on a server, again).

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