Clustering with FreeBSD

Andy Sporner asporner at
Tue Feb 10 10:36:29 PST 2004


> Very cool, but too bad their kernel is based on the
> 4.X codebase,
> so none of the neat stuff like ACLs, MAC, KSE and
> ULE is in there. Well
> if we're lucky, FreeBSD will incorporate some of
> their stuff.

I agree to the first point.  I have been doing my
stuff on 5.0, but I will also support the other BSD's
too.  To the second point, I think there is still
far too much politics between these groups from what
I have reading between the lines.  This is always

In defense of the Dragonfly project I can somehow
understand their situation--as I am sure time is a
rare commodity there as well.  I have been promising
a lot of the same stuff for some time.  I have been
throwing "small pieces of meat" out so that hopefully
the impression of vaporware does not fall to me as

> Reminds me very much of MOSIX which I've always
> found to be cool stuff
> but regrettably there's no FreeBSD version of it
> (and I surely can't
> be bothered to use Linux on a server, again).

Funny as originally I am told that it began as a
patch for BSDI! (which is the cousin of FreeBSD).
When I was still somehow on communications terms
with Frank from NetBSD (owner i386 port) I was 
told that he even still had the patches somewhere.

It would be nice to get some of the European users
that are close to me together to really get some
momentum here.  I live in Southwest Germany, near
the French border (5 KM from here).  I would also
entertain the idea of a visit to the UK.



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