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Matt Olander matt at offmyserver.com
Tue Feb 10 02:03:14 PST 2004

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 10:36:20AM +0100, Andy Sporner wrote:
> I get about 2-5 downloads  a week on my server.
> I am content to provide the software as there seems to be a need
> for this--not withstanding that this has been a project (originally
> in NetBSD--And still there) since 1995.
> <begin flame>
> I would *again* ask for assistance in testing.  If the answer is
> like this one I would seriously consider removing the work from
> the public domain and make money off it.
> </end flame>

hi Andy,

we'd love to help test! I'll get it going sometime next week, after I
make it through a new product release  ;)

also, Brooks and I did a brief segment on clustering on TechTV a little
while ago. I know Brooks mentioned doing a 'how to', but I don't believe
he's had the time. 



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