Haw to find Distribution?

Andy Sporner sporner at nentec.de
Tue Feb 10 01:37:47 PST 2004


I don't know what to think this way because you have left out my
offering, which has been here for some time.  Look at some of the
old posts.

More specifically go to Google and put in "freebsd clustering"  
here is the outcome:

*freebsd*.*cluster* - news.gw.com <http://news.gw.com/freebsd.cluster/>
*...* (none). Mike Koning. 08.01. Re: *FreeBSD* *Cluster* software/FREP. 
Andy Sporner. 01.01. *...* confirm.
Robert. 23.12. Andy Sporner's *FreeBSD* *cluster* software. dingo. 
01.12. *...*
news.gw.com/freebsd.cluster/ - 9k - 8 Feb 2004 - Cached 
- Similar pages 

I get about 2-5 downloads  a week on my server.

I am content to provide the software as there seems to be a need
for this--not withstanding that this has been a project (originally
in NetBSD--And still there) since 1995.

<begin flame>
I would *again* ask for assistance in testing.  If the answer is
like this one I would seriously consider removing the work from
the public domain and make money off it.
</end flame>




zam4ever wrote:

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>>Subject: Haw to find Distribution? 
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>> Hello All,
>>Anybody, tell me please, where can I find Free BSD Cluster Disribution?
>BSD Clustering 
>"Building a High-performance Computing Cluster Using FreeBSD" 
>If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck,
>what is it?
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