Summary of final changes to FreeBSD 2.2.7

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Thu Jul 23 23:31:35 PDT 1998

As I previously announced, there were some problems encountered with
sysinstall in the 11th hour during our CDROM media testing which I
fixed, rolled an updated boot.flp for, and uploaded to the master FTP

I also fixed a problem I introduced at the last minute via a fumbled
file copy which caused the XF86Setup utility to be replaced by the
Japanese version (heh).  In addition to this, I've just received
updated distribution tarballs from The XFree86 Project which merge all
of the security updates directly into the "standard" tarballs
rather than having an extra update file (X3323upd.tgz) which needed to
be applied by hand.  In other words, it's totally plug-and-play now.
Just install XFree86 as you normally would to get the latest security
fixes and the correct setup utility for your language.  Since the
X332*upd.tgz files are now obsolete, they have also been removed.

My apologies to those who were momentarily inconvenienced by this, but
c'mon, this is free software and a 24 hour turnaround time is pretty
good in any part of this industry! :-)

Comments in comp.unix.bsd.misc claiming that these problems made
"2.2.7 totally unusable" are also as cruel and unnecessary as they
inaccurate, and certain folks really need to get a grip on their
prescription bottles if they think this hasn't happened before.  Post-
release updates are a fact of life and most folks probably aren't even
aware of the fact that almost every release since 2.2.1 has had its
boot media and various other bits updated at least 3 or 4 times over
its lifecycle.  We're still building up our testing resources here to
the point where these problems can be even more quickly dealt with or
avoided entirely, but it's still an undenyable fact of life that
there's really just no testing like end-user testing since they simply
push different buttons than we're used to pushing. :)

That is also specifically why we do "early releases" on the net well
before the CDs have even entered production rather than holding the
network release back for the CD, as many other companies do.  The
pre-testing we get from this goes to make the CD, which is far less
mutable than an FTP site, a far better release and well worth the
occasional wear-and-tear on the front-line users, grumble about it
though they occasionally might.  The FreeBSD Project doesn't have a
well-staffed testing department and don't have the $$$ to staff one
yet, so in the meantime you folks will just have to do! :-)

If you're running a mirror site or have downloaded a copy of 2.2.7,
please verify the following checksums to make sure you've got the
essential fixes from

MD5 (floppies/boot.flp) = 53ecc3f85bddee6a7a4388b7d6ef36f0
MD5 (XF86332/X332bin.tgz) = e2801288fb766d11ba523240518f429c
MD5 (XF86332/X332lib.tgz) = 16927e4247848c6abbaf757c167d5f55
MD5 (XF86332/X332prog.tgz) = e358322d9ad03856273a63bbf3fddc4e
MD5 (XF86332/X332set.tgz) = e0a341054c043ecba28d019bcd54bfb2

You can also delete XF86332/X332upd.tgz as it is no longer necessary.

Thanks to all the users who threw themselves into initial release
testing and took the time and care to send me careful bug reports.
Thanks also to David Dawes of The XFree86 Project for providing the
updated tarballs for XFree86 in time to make the CD.

- Jordan

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