JDK1.1.6 for FreeBSD 2.2.* Released

Nate Williams nate at mt.sri.com
Fri Jul 24 11:16:15 PDT 1998

It is my pleasure to announce that after a long wait, the Java
Development Kit version 1.1.6 is released for FreeBSD.

Details are available at:

Thanks go to Keith White who did most of the work to make this happen.

Fixed in this release:
- Update to JDK1.1.6
- More standard 'naming' for java.version and such.
- Fixes for UDP/Multicast sockets.
- The signal abort error may be fixed (knock on wood).
- Add support for the "KOI8-R" and "CP866" encodings.
- Timezone's now work correctly under FreeBSD (this required some native
  code, but it is embedded in the JDK so shouldn't affect users.  However,
  FreeBSD has one of the few (only?) VM's that correctly support Timezones
- sysRmdir() now correctly removes directories.
- Link in the xpg4 library to support CJK locales.

Known Bugs:
JDK1.1.6 has a number of 'visual' bugs in it that are reflected in this
port as well.  Notably, on some window managers all new windows end up in the
upper-right corner, windows can sometimes be 'shown' w/out any data in them,
windows with small default sizes show are displayed before they are resized,
and other similar bugs.  Before reporting any bugs of these type please try
to verify that they don't exist on the reference unix platform (Solaris) first.

  A BETA tester noted there are still some bugs in Multicast support,
  but there are still some issues that need to be resolved in the
  proposed fix.  Rather than wait another period of time before
  releasing the JDK, we opted to release it first and resolve the issue
  in a later release.

---  The Java Porters

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