2.2.7 boot floppies updated.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Thu Jul 23 18:14:37 PDT 1998

An 11th hour bug in the boot floppies, having to do with the way
XFree86 distributions are chosen, was discovered during final CD
testing.  Though this problem is not fatal and can be easily worked
around by either choosing one of the "canned" XFree86 distributions
(X-Developer, X-User, etc) or by installing XFree86 by hand, it was
deemed annoying enough to re-roll the boot floppies and update them on
ftp.freebsd.org.  If you have grabbed the 2.2.7 boot floppies earlier,
you may wish to get them again.  Those getting 2.2.7 on CD will never
see this problem and this is only of concern to the folks who install
over the net.

Just FYI!

- Jordan

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