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Jonathan M. Bresler jmb at FreeBSD.ORG
Sun Dec 6 15:30:31 PST 1998

> From: Ian Grigg <iang at>
> I was immensely encouraged to see the advent of competition.
> I have for a while now wondered whether FreeBSD has actually
> been stilted due to lack of diversity and lack of an internal
> market.
> Certainly the support that FreeBSD has had from Walnut Creek
> cannot and should not be cast away ungratefully, but no product
> makes it to adulthood without cutting loose from the apron
> strings at some stage.
> I've just bought the book w/ CD, as a vote of thanks.

  CheapBytes has been making CDs for a year or more, as far as I
  recollect.  It is good that they are doing this.  People that by
  from CheapBytes would not buy from Walnut Creek.  The result is that
  FreeBSD reaches more people ;)


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