JDK1.1.7.V98-12-21 released

Nate Williams nate at mt.sri.com
Mon Dec 21 21:41:11 PST 1998

This is merely a bugfix release.  The JDK now has fixes for all bugs
specific to the FreeBSD port.  (JDK bugs shared with the Solaris port
still exist...)  Thanks go to Keith White who provided most of the
bugfixes for this release. 

Bugs fixed in this release:
- Modulo bug where the wrong sign would be returned when dividing
  negative long numbers.
- The JDK would crash without any idea of the bug when the number of
  open file descriptors exceeded 256.  This number has been bumped to
  2048, but it is still statically compiled into the release.
- The JRE was missing a number of files, so it should work better.

Work still to be done (in progress):
1) JDK for 3.0/ELF (a.out will continue to be supported)
2) JDK1.2 for both a.out/ELF
3) Dynamic file-descriptor fixes so that we can use any number of
   file-descriptors, since the OS supports this.

Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas!

- The FreeBSD Java porters

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