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Satoshi Asami asami at
Tue Mar 26 20:00:32 PST 1996

It's only five days since I released the previous version, but the
response has been overwhelming (like, browsers from 83 different sites
visiting the ccd homepage and 13 people actually grabbing it from the
ftp site).

So, I decided to do some cleanup to the mirror code that was discussed
in the mailing list a while ago.  (Ok, so you can tell it's spring
break.)  The mirror code is much cleaner and doesn't muck around with
b_resid's anymore.

As usual, the file is called

and make sure you visit the ccd home page at

and browse the html-enhanced README in


P.S. If it works (or doesn't work) for you, please drop us a note, the 
     address is "ccd at".

P.P.S. If someone can look at the diskslice integration, that will be great.

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