Don't grab the 2.2-960321-SNAP!

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Sat Mar 23 19:21:29 PST 1996

Last minute testing of the CD version revealed a few truly annoying
bugs, which I've now fixed.  There was also the problem with tzsetup
(as documented in KNOWN_BUGS) which Joerg has now fixed, so all these
factors together have compelled me to blow away the early release on and start re-rolling it.  I don't like doing this, and I
hardly like re-rolling everything when I was 99% finished, but these
are extenuating circumstances.

Sorry about all this, but at least take some comfort in the fact that
the snapshot I'm rolling now (2.2-960322-SNAP) will be that much
better, and without any known bugs like the broken tzsetup.


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