REMINDER - Availability of FreeBSD Crypto Code

Mark Murray mark at
Sat Mar 30 19:23:26 PST 1996

Hello World!

This is a reminder to those of you out there that the crypto code
for FreeBSD is being mirrored, or rather tracked outside the USA.
This means that there is no need to break US law when getting
either the `secure' (DES) distribution or `eBones' (Kerberos)

A full CVS repository is being maintained, and this is available
to those who want it.

This site is tracking both CURRENT and STABLE, and sources for both
are available, in fact this site is a mirror site of FreeBSD!

How to get FreeBSD International:

o  You can either SUP it, FTP it or get it via CTM. CTM is the preferred
   method, as only the changes get mailed, and you will not be bothered
   by slow connections to South Africa!

o  Contact Me (markm at FreeBSD.ORG or mark at and ask to be put
   onto the relevant mailing list:
    int-cvs-cur for the CVS tree in CTM format
    int-src-cur for the CURRENT sources in CTM format
    int-src-sta for the STABLE sources in CTM format
   Note!! - these are not automated lists! You are dealing with a human!
   (For the signon/off)
   You will need to FTP those CTM parts that you do not yet have. See below.

o  FTP to That directory contains
   subdirectories with various versions of FreeBSD Crypto code, Some
   of the more recent releases and SNAP's of FreeBSD and the CTM deltas
   of the international CVS repository (containing only the secure/
   and eBones/ code).

REMEMBER! This is in Pretoria, South Africa, and the Internet connections
are not the fastest or the most reliable. We do, however, do our best!


Mark Murray
46 Harvey Rd, Claremont, Cape Town 7700, South Africa
+27 21 61-3768 GMT+0200
Finger mark at for PGP key

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