ANNOUNCEMENT: Port/package of WorkMan-1.3 now available!

Satoshi Asami asami at
Sun Nov 26 05:12:10 PST 1995

(Reply-to: set to "ports")

 * Please report any problems with this port/package to me at the email 
 * below.  Since this is my first try at this, there will undoubtedly be 
 * errors in it. :)

Thanks!  I tried it and in general it seems to be working great, so I
made some minor changes and committed it.  Please take it and see
what's up!

By the way, I tried the "workmandb.gz" file found in the same
directory as the source, but it seems like some of the fields do not
come out exactly the same -- most notably the last field of the
"tracks" line is always off by one (in either direction), and my CDs
are not recognized even though they are in the database.

Also, it complains about not being able to write to /var/run, we can
solve it by making it setuid-bin but I'm not sure if it's safe enough
to do that.

Well, let me know what you think about the above comments.  It's an
excellent program though!


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