Monthly Reminder: BSD Information Archive on Minnie

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Mon Nov 27 17:59:59 PST 1995

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Subject: Monthly Reminder: *BSD Information Archive on Minnie
From: wkt at (Warren Toomey)
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Organization: ADFA, Canberra, Australia
Summary: Where to get information about BSD
Keywords: bsd, news, archive, ftp, telnet, WWW [] has a publically available cache of
information on BSD4.x and BSD-related systems, especially the free flavours
of BSD. 

Web Documents

All of the BSD-related information on minnie can be accessed through the
Web at There are many hotlinks
to the FreeBSD and NetBSD web pages. Minnie has web pages with:

    + Interactive access to a Usenet News archive on BSD.
    + A hyperlinked version of the FreeBSD 2.0.5 kernel source code.

------- keeps an archive of the Usenet news on BSD, taken from
several newsgroups. This archive can be accessed either via telnet or
through the WorldWide Web.

You can do two things:

	+ search through the news subject lines for a particular pattern
	+ retrieve particular articles

To do this by telnet, telnet to and login as `bsdnews'.
To do this through the Web, connect to the Web URL above and follow the
link to the News Web interface page.


Minnie has the following BSD-related stuff available by anonymous ftp:

   + FreeBSD - FreeBSD 2.0.5-RELEASE, and some previous versions.
   + bsdnews - The Usenet news about *BSD, from June 1992 onwards.
   + daemons - Gif images of the BSD Daemons. These are copyright by
	       Marshall Kirk McKusick. 
   + phillip - NFS mount of some other *BSD stuff, which is maintained by
	       Phillip Musumeci here at ADFA. 
   + 4.4BSD-Lite - The entire source tree for 4.4BSD-Lite. 
   + net2    - The kernel source tree for the Net/2 distribution.

Please ftp from a site closer to you, if there is one. Australia has a
single link to the Internet, and it's usually saturated. Thanks!

	Warren Toomey wkt at

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