ANNOUNCEMENT: Port/package of WorkMan-1.3 now available!

Donald Burr d_burr at
Sun Nov 26 04:17:23 PST 1995

Well, I've finally had some time to sit down and figure out the mechanics 
of making ports/packages, and so have decided to contribute something 
useful to the FreeBSD community using my new-found knowledge. :)

To that end, a port of the WorkMan audio CD player, version 1.3, is now 
available at:
	This is a tarred copy of the ports directory for WorkMan.
	This is an installable (binary) package of WorkMan.

I must thank Todd Pfaff <todd at> for doing the initial 
porting to FreeBSD 1.0.  There were some changes and general beating-up 
of the source code needed to get it to work properly using 2.x (at least, 
on my setup (SCSI CD-ROM on Adaptec 1542CF controller) some changes were 
needed).  And besides, it was never formalized as a 'port' or 'package'.  
So here it is. :)

For those of you wondering "what the @#%@#$%# is he talking about?", 
perhaps this excerpt from the WorkMan README will help describe what this is:

WorkMan is a graphical tool for playing audio compact discs on a CD-ROM
drive.  It has most of the features available on standalone CD players,
such as a shuffle mode, programmable playlists, and elapsed/remaining
timers.  But it also has extra features, foremost of which is the ability
to store information about CDs in a database, then automatically extract
that information when the CD is inserted later.  WorkMan stores the
artist's name, the disc title, the names of individual tracks, and even
remembers which tracks you don't want to hear!  All in an easy-to-use,
attractive OPEN LOOK graphical interface.

Finally, since this is an OPEN LOOK program, the XView development 
environment must be installed (consisting of the 
xview-{clients,config,lib} packages, and possibly one of olwm/olvwm 
(window managers).

Please report any problems with this port/package to me at the email 
below.  Since this is my first try at this, there will undoubtedly be 
errors in it. :)


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