Is there a way to make the computer boot again with a possible corrupted gm drive

Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Apr 5 20:42:14 UTC 2007

In <20070405194921.42863.qmail at>, Xi Liu <xliu99 at> typed:
> BTW, I have another IDE disk installed with
> FreeBSD6.1. It can boots. Not sure if I can boot up
> from this IDE disk and manually mount the mirror drive
> gm0 and copy and save the data files on the mirror
> drive?

Yes, it is. That's the sort of the point of mirroring a drive.

> Anyone did that before? 

Yes, I have.

> Not sure if I can mount the individual SATA drive for
> this recovery purpose (part of the gm0 drive).

That depends on things you're not telling us. What's the geom
configuration? What do you normally boot from? What other devices
could you boot from?

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