Is there a way to make the computer boot again with a possible corrupted gm drive

Xi Liu xliu99 at
Thu Apr 5 22:26:31 UTC 2007

Thanks Mike!

I was able to mount one of the SATA drive (which is
part of the gmirror drive), and copy some data files
to another IDE drive (bootable). But I can not copy
some data files, there was error being printed out
that says sth. like "...UNRECOVERABLE....",

Hopefully, the data files I was able to copy is

The gmirror drive consists of two SATA drives. That I
usally boot from this gmirror drive. Do you know if I
can restore/rebuild the complete gmirror drive? If
Yes, can you please point to me some instructions?
That can save me lots of time/trouble to
reinstall/reconfigure the whole system

Xi Liu

--- Mike Meyer <mwm at> wrote:

> In
<20070405194921.42863.qmail at>,
> Xi Liu <xliu99 at> typed:
> > BTW, I have another IDE disk installed with
> > FreeBSD6.1. It can boots. Not sure if I can boot
> up
> > from this IDE disk and manually mount the mirror
> drive
> > gm0 and copy and save the data files on the mirror
> > drive?
> Yes, it is. That's the sort of the point of
> mirroring a drive.
> > Anyone did that before? 
> Yes, I have.
> > Not sure if I can mount the individual SATA drive
> for
> > this recovery purpose (part of the gm0 drive).
> That depends on things you're not telling us. What's
> the geom
> configuration? What do you normally boot from? What
> other devices
> could you boot from?
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