Sun Fire servers....

Peter Thoenen eol1 at
Tue Jun 13 10:38:58 UTC 2006

> > or X2100 servers supported?

I had some serious stability issues with 6.0-RELEASE but for the most
part these went away with 6.1-RELEASE.  Still crashes on me every
couple weeks for unknown reasons but thats better than every 3 hours
under load on 6.0.  My gut feeling is its the bge nic and switching it
out for an intel one later this month.  Hopefully solves the prob.  As
everybody said on the board, STAY AWAY from the onboard SATA, bge, and

Also impi works partially.  It works just fine UNTIL FreeBSD actually
loads at which point it no longer works and you have to hard power
cycle to use impi again.  Unsure who's bug this is.

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