Sun Fire servers....

Nathan Whitehorn nathanw at
Tue Jun 13 04:05:32 UTC 2006

I'm running 6.1-STABLE on one. Works beautifully. Avoid the SATA RAID. 
It's terrible, and causes fs corruption. And you'll need to update to 
-STABLE for one of the built-in NICs to work right. But otherwise, the 
machine works beautifully out of the box.

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006, Mikel King wrote:

> Sorry to waste the bandwidth, but I have to ask, are any of the new Sun Fire 
> or X2100 servers supported? Has anyone tried to get an install up and 
> running?
> I only looking to run Apache+php & mysql in several jails on this thing...
> Cheers,
> Mikel
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