Sun Fire servers....

Andras Got andrej at
Tue Jun 13 12:41:40 UTC 2006


What you mean couple of weeks? 1-2-3-4? I run a x2100 with opteron 175 and sataraid and it works 
fine for a month now (31 days to be precise). What's the load avg on the machine that crashes? I 
have really little loads this time, but it's expected to grow.

I run my machine with 6.1 and before that i used 6.0 for installing and testing. I haven't noticed 
any problem at that time.


Peter Thoenen wrote:
>>> or X2100 servers supported?
> I had some serious stability issues with 6.0-RELEASE but for the most
> part these went away with 6.1-RELEASE.  Still crashes on me every
> couple weeks for unknown reasons but thats better than every 3 hours
> under load on 6.0.  My gut feeling is its the bge nic and switching it
> out for an intel one later this month.  Hopefully solves the prob.  As
> everybody said on the board, STAY AWAY from the onboard SATA, bge, and
> ngv.
> Also impi works partially.  It works just fine UNTIL FreeBSD actually
> loads at which point it no longer works and you have to hard power
> cycle to use impi again.  Unsure who's bug this is.
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