HP Pavilion DV6110us notebook install problems

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 22:17:56 PST 2006

On 12/28/06, Schleich, Arno Rene <arnschle at iupui.edu> wrote:
> I encountered multiple problems with FreeBSD 6.2 RC1 on the following
> notebook
> AMD Turion dual core tl50, nvidia 6150 go, MCP51 nforce disk and
> ethernet controllers and onboard sound, and a Broadcom wlan interface,
> which I haven't found out much about as of yet.
> (vi)                No trace of the wlan - everything related to atheros
> compiled into a costum kernel
You need to use the Windows NIDS driver for your Broadcom Wireless
adapter.  Just download:


Then install archivers/cabextract, and use cabextract to extract the
bcmwl5.inf and bcmwl5*.sys files.

cabextract -q -L -F 'bcmwl5*' sp34152.exe

Then use ndisgen to build the kernel module.

ndisgen bcmwl5.inf bcmwl564.sys

Then copy the kernel module to /boot/modules, and add
bcmwl564_sys_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf.

You also need to apply the diff from -CURRENT that adds several new
functions to the NDIS kernel module, that are needed by the Broadcom

fetch -o ndis.diff \

Then apply it and build the new ndis.ko module.

cd /usr/src ; patch < /location/of/ndis.diff
cd /sys/modules/ndis ; make obj ; make ; make install

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