HP Pavilion DV6110us notebook install problems

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at optushome.com.au
Fri Dec 29 23:48:46 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-Dec-28 10:06:02 -0500, Schleich, Arno Rene wrote:
>As the system is completely stuck at the moment I cannot get more info

To correctly identify the drivers, we really need more details.  Unless
someone else has a dv6110us, this probably means either getting the
system to a point where "pciconf -vl" works or extracting the PCI IDs
from the Windows hardware list.

>(i)                   From the start booting worked only with acpi

Not a good sign.  Exactly what happens is ACPI is enabled?

>(ii)                 Sound never worked - I tried snd_hda and snd_ich
>which had appeared to be most promising without any success

They definitely won't work - both are Intel chipsets and I suspect you
have an ATI chipset - try snd_atiixp

>(iii)                Smp does crash everything


>(iv)                Cannot reboot/shutdown except by pressing the on/off

Probably related to the lack of ACPI.

>(vi)                No trace of the wlan - everything related to atheros
>compiled into a costum kernel

You have a Broadcom chipset.  As Scot pointed out, you will need to
use NDIS with a Windows driver.  I suspect the drivers he pointed you
to are 32-bit.  If you're running an amd64 kernel, you will need a
Windows-64 driver - and they are rarer.  AFAIK, HP don't support
Win64 so you probably won't find them on the HP site.  Broadcom won't
support end-users - they expect you to go to your vendor for support.
The drivers I have originated from Toshiba.

>(vii)               Power management crashes everything when enabled

Again, please provide details.

Peter Jeremy
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