HP Pavilion DV6110us notebook install problems

Schleich, Arno Rene arnschle at iupui.edu
Fri Dec 29 16:10:49 PST 2006

I encountered multiple problems with FreeBSD 6.2 RC1 on the following




AMD Turion dual core tl50, nvidia 6150 go, MCP51 nforce disk and
ethernet controllers and onboard sound, and a Broadcom wlan interface,
which I haven't found out much about as of yet.

As the system is completely stuck at the moment I cannot get more info
(dmesg, uname etc.) to You, but maybe You can give me some directions as
I am trying to decide as whether to delete or rebuild the system.


(i)                   From the start booting worked only with acpi

(ii)                 Sound never worked - I tried snd_hda and snd_ich
which had appeared to be most promising without any success

(iii)                Smp does crash everything

(iv)                Cannot reboot/shutdown except by pressing the on/off

(v)                  The nve driver seemed to work well enough to run
the disks and the Ethernet

(vi)                No trace of the wlan - everything related to atheros
compiled into a costum kernel

(vii)               Power management crashes everything when enabled


I wonder if these problems and their likely origin in incompatible
hardware are unsolvable making further install attempts futile or if it
is something I am doing wrong. As I depend on productivity and computing
power I have some interest in using the underlying hardware to its
fullest but also cannot afford a lot of time experimenting.

So I'd be thankful for some hints as to whether it is likely that
FreeBSD can run on this platform.






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