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> On Friday 29 December 2006 17:02, Fulvio Mariola wrote:
> > I have installed FreeBSD 6.2 AMD64 to the  notebook. The graphic-card
> > is NVIDIA GeFORCE Go 7600.
> > The NVIDIA vendor don't release driver for This architecture.
> > Can I try??
> You can use the open source nv(4x) driver; this will probably be "fast enough" 
> although it is notably missing any dual head features (might be important if 
> you need to do presentations with the laptop).

It also doesn't support wide-screen LCD's properly. It seems to insist
that they be 4:3, and topped out at 1024x768.

> > I make the kernel or to return at ix86 architecture?
> Yes, i386 runs fine on amd64 machines.
> [ade], running i386 on this amd64x2 because of dual-head + nvidia, but 
> thinking of swapping in a leftover ATI R300 

I switched to ATI to get proper support for a widescreen LCD. Before
that, I ran dual head with two NVidia cards. That worked fine. If
you've got a spare slot, dropping an older card into one to get a
second headg is inexpensive.

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