Rackmount MP AMD boxes?

ray at redshift.com ray at redshift.com
Mon May 16 01:15:02 PDT 2005

| I would estimate it was about 4-5 weeks ago.  Sorry but I don't recall
| any names.  Tech guy was good.  Sales guy I got transferred to was
| supposedly one of the head honchos.  Don't recall specifics but I have
| vague recollection of Indian (?) accent and that he may have been part
| owner and/or manager.  Anyhow, I have a reseller's license and he was

Hi Ken,

  I've been to the company - I don't believe there are any Indian people working
there.  It's a small shop, great equipment, well run, etc.  Are you sure you
weren't talking to Dell :)

| Glad they've worked out well for you but I'd certainly never consider
| them ever again unless I was in a real bind and out of options.  I may
| have only been dropping 4 grand but for me that's not mere chump change
| and I didn't appreciate being treated like one.  

My gut reaction is you are mixing them up with some other company... but who
knows.  Maybe you hit a bad sales person or something?

All I can say is that as far as pricing, they are best I've found and I've been
in the computer field for 26 years.  I used to sell boxes.  When I first ran
across them, their prices on Supermicro servers (the price I was getting from
them for just 1 or 2 machines at a time) was so much lower than other hardware
suppliers that several of the other people bidding on my business flat out said
"We pay more wholesale for our equipment than OSS is selling it to you for - we
can't beat those prices".

I went back to OSS (spoke with Eren) and asked them how they are getting such
great prices.  He explained they sell to larger gov and enterprise companies
(AOL, etc, etc) and that they move so much volume that they get great prices
from SuperMicro).  I believe they are now doing basically the same thing, only
with AMD and Tyan.

Anyway, no one is forcing you to shop there :-)  I was simply answering that one
e-mail from whoever was asking about AMD boxes.  That's where I buy our rack
servers and as I said, the service has been 2nd to none over the last 3 or 4
years.  Having done business with the company for all our servers, I'm a little
surprised you would have such radically different experiences.


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