Rackmount MP AMD boxes?

Ken Gunderson kgunders at teamcool.net
Mon May 16 09:03:36 PDT 2005

On Mon, 16 May 2005 01:15:17 -0700
ray at redshift.com wrote:

> | I would estimate it was about 4-5 weeks ago.  Sorry but I don't recall
> | any names.  Tech guy was good.  Sales guy I got transferred to was
> | supposedly one of the head honchos.  Don't recall specifics but I have
> | vague recollection of Indian (?) accent and that he may have been part
> | owner and/or manager.  Anyhow, I have a reseller's license and he was
> Hi Ken,
>   I've been to the company - I don't believe there are any Indian people working
> there.  It's a small shop, great equipment, well run, etc.  Are you sure you
> weren't talking to Dell :)
> | Glad they've worked out well for you but I'd certainly never consider
> | them ever again unless I was in a real bind and out of options.  I may
> | have only been dropping 4 grand but for me that's not mere chump change
> | and I didn't appreciate being treated like one.  
> My gut reaction is you are mixing them up with some other company... but who
> knows.  Maybe you hit a bad sales person or something?
> All I can say is that as far as pricing, they are best I've found and I've been
> in the computer field for 26 years.  I used to sell boxes.  When I first ran
> across them, their prices on Supermicro servers (the price I was getting from
> them for just 1 or 2 machines at a time) was so much lower than other hardware
> suppliers that several of the other people bidding on my business flat out said
> "We pay more wholesale for our equipment than OSS is selling it to you for - we
> can't beat those prices".
> I went back to OSS (spoke with Eren) and asked them how they are getting such
> great prices.  He explained they sell to larger gov and enterprise companies
> (AOL, etc, etc) and that they move so much volume that they get great prices
> from SuperMicro).  I believe they are now doing basically the same thing, only
> with AMD and Tyan.
> Anyway, no one is forcing you to shop there :-)  I was simply answering that one
> e-mail from whoever was asking about AMD boxes.  That's where I buy our rack
> servers and as I said, the service has been 2nd to none over the last 3 or 4
> years.  Having done business with the company for all our servers, I'm a little
> surprised you would have such radically different experiences.

Ray/List, et. al.--

I'd meant to send my last reply to Ray and not the list.  That's what I
get for doing email that late when I'm tired...

I think Ray's reply to OP was an honest effort to be helpful based on
his personal experiences with oss.  Similarly with me.  I wouldn't have
followed up to the extent that I did had not the company I was
referencing been so rude and arrogant.

Sorry that I cannot recall specifics as they were one of many
I spoke with and it's been a few weeks but I was pretty sure we
were talking about the same outfit.  However, I now concede that we may
not have been referencing the same company.  Doing some research this
morninig, I am inclined to think I was the one in error.  The
company I referenced was very close in name (again sorry that I cannot
recall precisely), linked to from Tyan's website (perhaps at the time,
but I cannot seem to find them there anymore), was a flash heavy site,
and somehow affiliated with Colfax (at least that's who I got
transferred to and the website I was directed to to check pricing).  Of
this latter part I am sure because I revisited and immediately
recognize the site.

Anyhow, I don't want to spam the list anymore with this.  But in
fairness to Open Source Storage I feel I should post this follow up
saying that I _may_ have been confusing them with someone else.  My
apologies if I've offended anyone in so doing.

Thanks for your indulgence and have a good day;-)

Ciao-- kvg

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